Our Story

Sommerfield's Pickles

What does a health-conscious creative, and an innovative actor/comedian have in common? A love for pickles and simple, quality food. We don’t want the fake stuff! That’s why we spent 3 years making sure our pickles have nothing but real, tasty ingredients. So sit back, twist open a jar and treat yourself to a Sommerfield’s pickle.

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Our History
In the winter of 2008, with a lifetime love for pickles and gourmet cooking, Woodstock and Crystal Lake native Matt Sommerfield decided to try his hand at pickling. His goal was to create a unique recipe that would surpass the flavor and quality of typical store-bought pickles.

After 6 months of trying various recipes and being unsatisfied with the products, he and his wife, Madison, arrived at a recipe that was all their own.

Sommerfield would spend the next three years perfecting his recipe, giving jars to friends, family and anyone else who wanted a taste. Everyone who tasted them loved them, which encouraged him to continue his pickle making!

In August of 2011, Sommerfield was laid off from his job as a graphic designer/video editor. He saw this as an opportunity to do something new and exciting. He was still making pickles and people were raving about them, constantly telling him ‘they were the best pickles they’d ever tasted.’

Through much prayer and encouragement, he decided to go for it. With the natural connection between his last name, Sommerfield, and the desire for his product to be reminiscent of the tastes of summer and the freshness associated with farm fields, Sommerfield’s seemed like the perfect company name. Out of this love for pickles and the desire to bring fresh, tasty food to the general public Sommerfield’s, LLC was born April 3rd, 2012.

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Our Pickles
Sommerfield’s pickles are distinguished from other similar products in the marketplace because with Sommerfield’s what you see is what you get. Sommerfield’s pickles are one of the very few in the marketplace that are not artificially colored, flavored or preserved. We use real ingredients like real onions, garlic, fresh dill, and crisp cucumbers.

Sommerfield’s pickles have a fresh, balanced flavor, a cool tangy blend of garlic, light dill and crisp cucumber. Locally made and enjoyed in McHenry County.